Tips on How to Smoke a Cigar the Right Way

Cigar-smokingFrom bundles of dried and fermented tobacco leaves that have been tightly rolled emanates a cigar. Smoking cigar is seen as a way of taking time to unwind and have fun. Unlike the cigarette, the smoke is savored and not inhaled. Choosing the best is paramount to enjoying the moment.

Here are some of the things you need to put in mind when smoking a cigar:

Smoking starts with lighting the cigar. It is preferable that you use a lighter compared to a match. In case you have to use a match, take the one that is long. Short ones may give you trouble lighting and go off before you light. The delays greatly affect its taste. It is good that you give the match ample time to burn off the sulfur first.

Using the flame from the lighter or match, carefully warm the tobacco in the cigar by holding the flame at the base while rotating. This makes the lighting easier. To light, hold the cigar on the flame then inhale. Beware not to take in the smoke. You can follow up by blowing gently on the lit part to evenly light.

With the cigar lit, it is time to savor the cigar smoke and not inhale smoke. How do you do this? It is easy since all that is required of you is to draw the smoke into the mouth and let it stay for a few seconds. Within this time you will have tasted it and you can let it go. Unlike the cigarette where you can inhale the smoke, the cigar is savored.

Continue to puff your cigar while rotating it. This helps keep it in good form. You can take a puff after every 30 seconds and a minute. Take caution and keep the band in place to avoid the tobacco from falling off. After 12 puffs or so, the band comes out by itself which is okay.

One superb way of enjoying your cigar is to smoke along with alcohol. A nice drink helps to bring out the flavors from the cigar. Some of your options can range from scotch, red wine, port, or bourbon. A coffee based beverage is also recommended.

When you are done with the cigar, you need to put it off. Leaving it for a minute or two without touching is just enough. It is advisable that once it is off, you should not relight it since it emits strong bitter smoke.

Now you know how to smoke a cigar and not embarrass yourself. If you follow the above steps, you will be a pro in a short time and keep enjoying savoring the taste comfortably and like a pro.