Cigars vs E-Cigars: Pros and Cons (2018)

As an avid cigar smoker that smokes the right way, you may have heard of something called e-cigars from one of your cigar smoking buddies or around the water cooler at work. So what exactly is an e-cigar?

E-cigars are electronic devices that look just like cigars, can taste just like cigars (depending on the flavor you choose), and produce smoke just like cigars. However, there are some key notable differences, as outlined in this article.

If you plan to buy an e-cigar, you will want to buy e liquid in quantity just so you’re sure you don’t run out when you need it most. E-liquid is what is used in e-cigars to create the vapor you inhale, while burning tobacco creates the smoke you inhale in traditional cigars.

Smoking cigars

traditional cigar smoking


  • Real, authentic cigar taste
  • Unquestionable swagger while smoking
  • Great gift items for friends or coworkers
  • Helps to create a social environment and encourage dialogue


  • Strong smokey taste can be overwhelming
  • Combustion smoke is very unhealthy for the body
  • Non-reusable
  • Smoke smell can get on your clothes
  • Cigar ash can get on your clothes or make a mess
  • Can’t choose nicotine level


Vaping e-cigars

vaping wholesale eliquid


  • Can choose a variety of different flavors to smoke, from subtle to strong
  • Most e-cigars look just like a traditional cigar, lamens couldn’t tell the difference
  • Great gift item for friends or coworkers
  • Helps to create a social environment and encourage dialogue
  • Produces vapor smoke, which is less harmful for health than combustible smoke
  • Some models are reusable, just need to refill the vape liquid
  • Can choose your own nicotine level, including 0 nicotine
  • Vapor smell is lighter, won’t get on your clothes as heavy
  • No ash
  • Less risk of second hand smoke health risks


  • Not an authentic cigar taste – not for cigar lovers
  • Just not as cool as a real cigar (-10 swagger points)
  • Doesn’t produce a trailing smoke from the cigar as there’s no combustion

As you can see, on paper the benefits of smoking an e-cigar can seem to outweigh the benefits of smoking a traditional cigar. But, it depends on how you look at the benefits and disadvantages.

For cigar smokers, having the real thing is what counts – smoking an e-cigar could never truly emulate the feel and taste of a real cigar. For non-cigar smokers though, smoking an e-cigar is a great way to overcome many of the cons of smoking a traditional cigar, like health risks, while still receiving some of the social and swagger benefits.

Would you ever try an e-cigar or give it as a gift? Let us know in the comments below. London Cigars will keep watching this trend and report on any recent developments – come check back often!